Current events


Establishing COMFORT Sp. o.o.

The company COMFORT was estabished in Rzeszów. Its founders were research and teaching staff of the local universities. In the first years of activity the company dealt with the custom programming works, as well as designing and installing computer networks and supplying computer equipment.


We have become a part of the OPTIMUS Group

In 1992, OPTIMUS SA Nowy Sącz - the largest Polish PC manufacturer – invested in our company. Entering OPTIMUS Group, the firm changed its name to OPTIMUS-COMFORT Sp. o.o.

The scale and the scope of the enterprise have also changed. In addition to the existing integration business, the trading activity has been greatly expanded. OPTIMUS-COMFORT became the largest supplier of computer equipment in southeastern Poland. That year the company launched also the fiscal systems sales department, functioning to this day. In the subsequent years, new branch offices have been created in major towns of Podkarpacie.


New headquarters in Rzeszów. 6 branches in the country

In 1994 the company moved to a new, own premises in Rzeszów at Lisa Kuli 3. Between 1992 and 1995 it also established 6 branches engaged in trade and services in company stores, located in major towns of Podkarpacie (Krosno, Jasło, Sanok, Przemyśl , Mielec, Jarosław).



We implement the processor card system

An important stage for the activity of OPTIMUS-COMFORT was the year 1996, when the company decided to expand the scope of their services to the field of modern technologies. At the same time we began a collaboration with Gemalto (France) on software and SmartCard systems implementation. From that moment on, our company started to work on our own solutions, gradually expanding the departments responsible for it.


We buy out the shares and become independent

An important event was the repurchase of shares of OPTIMUS SA by company's shareholders. It was the first step in the transformation to its present form. A new development strategy has been adopted as well. It emphasized primarily the implementation of proprietary solutions in the field of smart cards. In the subsequent years a business reorganization program has been implemented.

The unprofitable branches have been closed, distribution activity has been liquidated and the  activities related to the integration of ICT solutions have been strengthened. As part of these actions, we have implemented the Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2001 and the Internal Control System (WSK).


Forming OPTeam SA

On 5 May, 2003 OPTIMUS-COMFORT Sp. z o.o. was transformed  into a joint stock company OPTeam SA. In the subsequent years, a gradual change of business profile took place. A special emphasis was put on building the company's position in the energy market (utilities) and in higher education. An essential part of the offer became the implementation of proprietary solutions in the field of software systems, electronic cards and advanced integration services.


We buy Elektra Sp. o.o.

In 2006 OPTeam bought a majority stake in the company Elektra Sp. o.o., specializing in the implementation of management systems (ERP) and one of the largest integrators of the ERP XL system.

Purchasing a stake in Elektra was the right investment. The company already enjoyed an excellent reputation in the implementation market and was realizing projects in the country and abroad.

Wacław Szary


We enter the electronic payments market

In 2008, the Board of OPTeam has decided to extend the scope of activities. The company began selling products and services in the field of authorization and settlement of card payments in Poland and abroad. For this purpose we set up a special internal unit - Settlement Center OPTeam (CRO). The task of the organized part of the company was to conduct the business of handling payment transactions using payment cards, top up sales of GSM and other services using POS terminals.


Forming Polskie ePłatności

Settlement Center OPTeam was the foundations for today's Polskie ePłatności (PeP) - a separate company that supports electronic payments. In 2009 OPTeam has entered into an investment agreement with the Polska Wytwórnia Papierów Wartościowych (Polish Security Printing Works) SA. Both parties agreed to conduct joint operations, involving the use of payment transactions and other services made with cards and POS terminals. A joint-stock company - Centrum Rozliczeń Elektronicznych Polskie ePłatności (Centre for Electronic Settlement 'Polish ePayment') (PeP) – was established, in which the shareholders acquired a 50% stake. In 2010 the company was registered by the District Court in Rzeszów, XII Commercial Department of National Court Register and its equity capital amounted to 24.4 million zł.

Since the beginning of its activity, Polskie ePłatności were the innovation leader on the Polish card payments market.

Janusz Bober
Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Polskie ePłatności


We create the Design Center of Modern Technologies

New technologies have always been an important segment of the company policy. In 2009, the construction of Design Center of Modern Technologies (Tajęcina near Rzeszów in Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park Areopolis) started. Large part of the building was given to the technology departments involved in card systems and the integration of ICT. There is also a modern Data Center (Centrum Przetwarzania Danych). Launching the Design Center of Modern Technologies OPTeam SA took place in August 2010.


OPTeam enters the Stock Exchange

Pursuing its development strategy, the company conducted a successful public issue of series D shares on 11 October 2010. A successful debut of the shares of OPTeam SA (IPO) took place on the floor of the Warsaw Stock Exchange SA. A total of 7.3 million shares of A-D series went to trading. The proceeds from the issue of shares D were used to finance the construction of Design Center of Modern Technologies in Tajęcina near Rzeszow, support the development of the company Polskie ePłatności and accelerate organic growth.

 In 2010 we made an important decision - we went public. It was a good move on our part. We were able to use the funds obtained this way on a faster development of the company.

Wacław Szary


We merge with ELEKTRA Sp. o.o.

On 3 January 2011, OPTeam SA joined a subsidiary company ELEKTRA Sp z o.o. This move was caused by the desire to build a common, comprehensive offer of sale of systems for institutional clients. At the same time the company headquarters was relocated to the building of Design Centre of Modern Technologies in Tajęcina.


We elect new Supervisory Board

On 12 June 2014, the Supervisory Board appointed Mr. Wacław Szary as CEO of OPTeam SA of the fourth term. This decision guarantees further implementation of the developed and effective development strategy, strengthening its position on the Polish ICT market.

Trusting us confirms that the strategy of the company we realize for years, is a good direction for the development of OPTeam.

Wacław Szary