For almost 30 years we have been delivering reliable IT solutions for business, higher education and public institutions. We are a trusted partner of the largest manufacturers in the IT industry. Our competence is confirmed by numerous certificates and testimonials.

OPTeam SA operates on the Polish IT market since 1988. Since 2010, the company is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Over 25 years of activity translated into the implementation of many projects for businesses, higher education and public institutions.

Thanks to our extensive experience, constant market analysis and focus on new technologies, we provide some of the best solutions and IT products in the industry. We implement and integrate IT solutions dedicated to market sectors such as industry, energy, construction, trade and services, public administration, medicine and higher education.

We are a manufacturer and integrator of systems using the technology of electronic cards. Implemented in schools, universities, companies and institutions, they improve their work, as well as increase the level of security and data protection.

We are now a national leader in electronic card systems. OPTIcamp SELS operates in more than 110 major Polish universities and colleges and the number of cards supplied already surpassed 3 million units.

We carry out pioneering projects. The first electronic purse in Poland, the first campus system, the first online shop in the construction industry – these are our projects.

An important part of OPTeam's maret ifferings is the implementation of specialized ERP system supporting management in enterprises and institutions. ERP is a comprehensive tool for streamlining and optimizizng the management of a company - a real savings of time and money. Based on the internationally recognized solutions, we have developed our own programs for flexible customization.

We are also a reliable partner in the implementation of advanced IT solutions. We build, among others, networks (LAN, WAN, transmission systems), we implement advanced solutions for data security (backup, archiving, matrices), and execute data processing centers.

The quality of our operations is guaranteed with Quality Management System compliant with ISO EN 9001: 2009.